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Out Source Products

These are products which are out sourced from Partner Dealers and other Businesses.
As part of our objective, to supply you the customer with 1st class products at reasonable prices straight to your door step.

How to know if a Product is Out Sourced-
In the description of the items you are interested in, you will see a link stating Out Sourced.

Warranty on Out Sourced Devices-
These devices will follow the structured policies the company of which the device was sourced from.
This information will be given to you, the customer, at the point of receiving the product.

Availability of Out Sourced Products-
Products visible on this website may not be available as these products are updated weekly with partner dealers.
Once an order, invoice is generated we will communicate with partner dealer to ensure availability for product.
Customer can also Direct Message us on other platforms to ensure product availability

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